Growing up in Louisiana, and being from a somewhat large Cajun Family, there were certain "tales" that were shared to make sure we were good kids. One of these being the Tale of the Rougarou.

Among Cajun legend, the Rougarou could be the most well-known. It is reported that this eerie creature waits for its next victim in the sugar cane fields and wetlands of southern Louisiana. It is frequently characterized as having a wolf's head and a human body, resembling a werewolf. The Rougarou legend dates back many centuries, and like any oral tradition, new tales occasionally break off to become their own versions. There are a few variations you may have heard, even though they are all cautionary tales.

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In one interpretation, the Rougarou pursues Catholics who break the Fasting laws. In a different tale, the Rougarou is bewitched for 101 days, and when it draws blood from another person, the enchantment is then transmitted to that individual. The creature may be anyone during the day when it is in human shape, but at night it transforms into a blood-sucking Rougarou. Whichever version of the story is real, there's little doubting that the Rougarou mythology is among the most well-known in all of Louisiana.

So when you crawl into bed tonight, make sure all the doors and windows are never know what might be outside...

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