In a bit of confusing chaos, media outlets began reporting that Popeyes Chicken had officially "sold out" of their new, super-popular chicken sandwiches. As the stories popped up overnight, people were chiming in about the locations that still had a few left.

Two weeks! That's the time it took to apparently "sell out" of the nationally viral chicken sandwich. Back in 2012, Taco Bell released the Dorito taco shell nationwide. While prepping for the release, Taco Bell produced millions of shells for its first release to ensure that stores were prepared for the release. In the first ten weeks, the taco chain sold over 100 million taco shells, but they never ran out due to prepping for the release.

Now, we have Popeyes. People keep asking "How is this even possible?"

Frankly, as I have sat and pondered the situation, I too think it's a bit strange. What are they running out of? It's pickles, mayo, a brioche bun (this could be the part), and a battered boneless chicken breast. Either way, the chicken chain posted a video on their Twitter account telling fans they indeed had run out, but the sandwich will be back. This also gave them an opportunity to push their own app for people to download and keep track of when it will be back. Popeyes will not be restocking the sandwich at this time, so when they're gone, they're gone.

There is no word on an exact date and time the sandwich will return, but when it does, Popeyes claims it will be a permanent item on their menu.

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