Apparently, we are in a toxic relationship with mother nature. We get two devastating hurricanes back to back, but we can't even get a few flakes of snow. People all over Southeast Texas and most of northern Louisiana woke up to their homes, streets, and yards painted white with snow this morning.

There was speculation that it might actually make its way as far south as Lake Charles, but that suddenly became clear it was not going to be the case. We got close to freezing temperatures, with miserable rain all through the night. Personally, I kept looking out my window to even maybe catch a glimpse of at least a piece of ice in the rainy mix. No such luck.

Facebook went all aflutter as the snow began to fall everywhere else. The rest of us froze from our campers and tarped roofs as we scrolled in judgement and envy to see people making small snowmen, snow angels, and Christmas card perfect yards. We got mud holes and trash cans full of water as we scrolled through our social media feeds. I decided to at least get a few from listeners, friends, and family to share a little happiness with you. Maybe it will help or maybe you will get mad and move on to another article. Either way, enjoy some fun snow pictures from not in SWLA.

Snow Day 2021

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