Skywatchers across Louisiana and the Gulf South are keeping a cautious eye skyward these days. No, there isn't another eclipse coming. We had one of those on April 8th and the next solar eclipse that will be visible in Louisiana won't be arriving for another 20 years or so. There will actually be a partial Lunar Eclipse later this fall.

The Solar Eclipse Is Observed In Asia
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But, what is happening or is expected to happen in the heavens above God's Country (Lousiana) is said to be more of a rare event than the eclipse we just referenced. Astronomers believe a star system located some 3,000 light years away from Earth will become visible to the naked during a nova outburst.

The “blaze star,” officially known as T Coronae Borealis, or T CrB, last exploded in 1946 and astronomers believe it will do it again sometime between February and September 2024. Okay, we get it "Between February and September" is very similar to "the cable guy showing up between 10 a.m. and next Thursday".

TechWiki via YouTube
TechWiki via YouTube

I wish we could offer a more specific timeline for when this heavenly outburst is going to actually happen but unlike an eclipse that lasts only a few minutes, the nova outburst will be visible without the aid of special glasses or filters for several days.

Astronomers say we'll need to look toward the constellation Corona Borealis also known as the Northern Crown. It's in this general area of the sky that observers will note what appears to be "a bright new star".

While the star will be visible to the naked eye those with binoculars or a telescope will be able to get the best views of what might be the only chance in this lifetime to see a star "go nova".  And since this one only "goes nova" every 80 years, you might want to plan on staying up late when it happens just so you can say, I was there.

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