Jeremy McComb teams with up-and-coming artist and TikTok sensation Sarahbeth Taite for an emotional new cover of a Patty Loveless classic that debuts today exclusively via Taste of Country. The pair join their voices to offer up their unique take on "You Don't Even Know Who I Am," and Taste of Country readers can watch below.

McComb is a recording artist signed to independent powerhouse Average Joes Entertainment in Nashville, and he invited the emerging artist to sing with him on the classic song, which scored Loveless a No. 5 hit on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart when she released it as the third single from her When Fallen Angels Fly album in 1995.

Gretchen Peters wrote the classic country lament, which describes the slow disintegration of a marriage over time until each spouse realizes that they have essentially become strangers. McComb and Taite filmed their new acoustic take at Keystone Studios in Nashville with director Julian Mendoza. They alternate verses as the frustrated wife and husband, turning what was a story song into a duet and wrapping their voices in harmony on the powerful chorus:

"You don't even know who I am / You left me a long time ago / You don't even know who I am / So what do you care if I go?"

"Country music and, even more so, incredible songwriters like Gretchen Peters and artists like Patty Loveless saved my life growing up," McComb tells Taste of Country, adding, "There just aren't stories that hit like this anymore. A song so raw, so cutting and so real."

The duet is slated to appear on McComb's upcoming album, Frontier Rock, which is set to drop on June 18.

"This song was always present throughout my career, and when we had this album come together I was hell-bent on recording it... the Idea of showcasing both sides as a duet really intrigued me," McComb says. "To me, it adds a new dimension and to have Sarahbeth on it, with this just vulnerable delivery was a dream. I'm so, so proud of how this came together. "

"As a country music fan first, this song was a dream to sing on with Jeremy," Taite adds. "I’ve been listening to Patty Loveless sing it for as long as I can remember and I was just hoping to do it some justice. Jeremy was so kind to let me in on his cover, and I think the duet version shines a little bit of new light on a classic lyric. I can’t wait for everybody to hear our take on one of my favorite country songs!"

Keep up with Jeremy McComb via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Sarahbeth Taite is also active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For more information about McComb, visit his official website.

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