Have you ever run out of booze for a party or in the middle of couch, wine, and chocolate night? The newest bill to get passed just might be the answer to all of your problems.

Currently, over 40 states allow the direct delivery of alcohol to your doorstep whether it be from a local store or national company. Louisiana is not one of those. Right now, Louisiana law does not allow direct shipping of wine unless it is purchased at the actual winery in person. The new bill would allow these types of deliveries.

The House moved the proposal on to the Senate with a barely passing 53-40 vote, with 53 being the exact number of votes needed in order for it to pass further. With that vote barely scraping by, it was quite surprising to see the other alcohol bill pass.

The additional bill passed unanimously, and will allow restaurants to actually deliver beverages that are already mixed. Want to get a daiquiri delivered to your door? No problem. Crown and seven? Done, son.

The driving force behind the mixed drink delivery was to help the current state of restaurants that have taken quite a hit during the pandemic and hurricanes in the past year. The bill will now move on to the Senate for debate after the passing the House with a 95-0 vote.

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