If you are "55 or better", Latitude Margaritaville might be the place for you! The original Parrot Head himself is opening up a retirment community in Florida, of all places. Opening late this summer, the community will have live entertainment, lap pools, spas, beachfront access, and more. It will have 7000 homes built in the area with 2-3 bedrooms each. The homes will cost between $200,000-$300,000 with the total community having a price tag of $1 Billion.

Getty Images for NBC Universal

Grab your sunscreen, put some new tennis balls on your walker, and get ready for it to be 5 O'Clock all day as you live out the "best years" of your life in Margaritaville. I'm sure the booze will flow like the laxatives with drink specials catered to its residents.

"Did I Poop Today?" - White chocolate ex-lax, Karo Syrup, blended with ice

"Depends Sour" - Whiskey, Sweet and Sour, served with extra napkins for the dribble

"Metamucil Mango Daiquari" - Mango Rum, Metamucil, Bran Oats, Blend to taste