Rumors are beginning to swirl around Joe Diffie's death. In March, Diffie mad a statement that he had contracted the COVID-19 virus. On March 27, Diffie died from the virus, becoming the first Country star to do so. John Prine has now also died as a result of the virus, becoming the second.

After Diffie's passing, rumors began to swirl that it wasn't the virus that killed him, but cancer. People began to speak out about how Diffie had lung cancer and had been fighting it for quite some time. Diffie's widow, Tara, took to Twitter to attempt to clear up the rumor.

Tara tried to explain that her father-in-law, Diffie's father, was the one who died of lung cancer. It just so happens that they share the same name. His father had stage four lung cancer and died back in 2018.

Conspiracy theories about Diffie's death got so squirrely that debunking site got involved with trying to help out. The website took all of the theories going around about Diffie and broke them all down to calm the rumors.

Tara recently shared the last picture they took together with a very heartfelt quote. That will pull at your heartstrings a bit, wont it?

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