The Oaks Event Center in Vidor is hosting their Texas Star Music Festival this weekend. It seems that Texas didn't look back twice after they were allowed to fully open. They certainly seem to be making up for lost time with entertainment and events out the wahzoo.

This weekend is a good example of being full tilt boogie as John Conlee and Damon Troy make their way on stage for this event that begins at 11:00am and runs all the way until 1:00am. Can you imagine an event that can last past 11:00pm? Blew my mind, too.

For those who are possibly trying to remember what Conlee sang, I will give you a little list of hits. The Kentucky native put seven number one hits under his belt in his career: Lady Lay Down, Backside of Thirty, Common Man, I'm Only in it for the Love, In My Eyes, As Long as I'm Rockin' with You, and Got My Heart Set on You. Remember him now? Oh, and don't forget Rose Colored Glasses. Although it barely made it into the top 10, the song would go on to be Conlee's most popular song later in his career.

From looking at their Facebook page, the event not only includes live music, but also food and crafts during the whole event. If that doesn't give you the festival vibes, you might want to check your pulse.

Tickets can be purchased from their page and are $50 each. That might seem a touch steep, but you've got some powerhouse entertainment to finish off the night. Plus, you can stay out past 11:00pm.

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