John Schneider, better known as Bo Duke from the hit 80's show "Dukes Of Hazard" will join Mike Soileau Friday morning.

Not only is John Schneider known for being on the hit show but he is also known for singing.  From 1981 to about 1985 John released several singles that hit the Country music charts including a #1 song.

John Schneider
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His number one hit was called "A Memory Like You".  He also had a coup,le top 10 songs with "It's Now Or Never and To Good To Stop Now". 

He has released a new album of musi so Friday morning we will be talking to him about that plus the good ole days of when he was on the "Dukes Of Hazzard".

So join us Friday morning when John Schneider calls into the Gator 99.5 studio's.  We are super excited and hope that y'all are too!

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