Alvin Kamara's own breakfast cereal is now available online and at some local grocery stores.

A.K. partnered with PLB Sports & Entertainment, the same company who launched Flutie Flakes, to bring us Kamara’s King Crunch cereal. The word on the street is the cereal will be comparable to Honey Bunches of Oats. It's available at PLB's website and at select Rouses locations across Louisiana this fall for a limited run.

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A portion of the sales will benefit the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans. They are a non-profit charity that's mission is to improve the lives of greater New Orleans area children and families. They provide educational programs, drug intervention and prevention programs, and offer mental and health wellness programs.

Kamara had this to say in a press release:

I’m very excited about creating my own cereal box. I get to live out a childhood dream and help support the incredible work that the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans is doing to bring mental wellness resources to kids and families in the city.

The box is New Orleans themed, with Mardi Gras colors. The back of the box features fun Alvin Kamara facts and word searches. People who buy the cereal will also have a chance to win exclusive Alvin Kamara memorabilia.

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