Both of my parents worked when I was younger. During the summer, I would spend the days with my grandmother. She had a garden we would go and play in, I would swim in a wash tub when it was hot, and we would go visit her friends.

One of her best friends was Mrs. Bobbie. A short, raspy-voiced, coonass. Her husband was just as loud, but I swear he was nine feet tall and wore velvet jogging suits. Mrs. Bobbie kept Yoo-Hoos for me in her fridge 24/7. She also smoked, hence the raspy voice. I remember we would get to her house and she'd tell me to go get a drink while her and my grandmother would sit on the porch. Mrs. Bobbie would unsnap her cigarette case, unzip the pouch for her lighter. I can still remember the smell of her "More" cigarettes. They were 120s, thin, and brown. She would drink her coffee, gossip with my grandmother, and I would drink my Yoo-Hoo.

To this day, I think everyone's aunt or adopted aunt had one of those cases. You'd hear it snap open, a lighter would flick, and it would snap closed. Kohl's has tried to church up an ad for them, but we know what they are.

Kohls Buxton Heiress 3

Introducing the Buxton Heiress Pik-Me-Up Leather Framed Card Case. I guess you could put your business cards inside of it so they don't get messed up, but we know what it's really for. In fact, the reviews of the product say it all. One reviewer ordered a red one and remarked in the review that it was a great cigarette case. Another said it was good for 100s, but sadly 120s wouldn't fit unless you took them out of the box.

They only have a limited supply left, so if you are an aunt in need or need to buy yours something special, this is it!

Kohls Buxton Heiress 2

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