The kid basically did what most of us wanted to do at that age, drive a school bus. Well, maybe that was just me. Taken from Jennings Highschool, the ten year old took a joy ride a few miles, until it was parked and the kid stepped out of the bus. There were no reported injuries or accidents, meaning the child is a better driver than half of us already.

Apparently, this is not a rare incident. According to Jennings Police, a teenager did the exact same thing, from the same parking lot. The big mystery is how are they getting the keys to these buses. I am willing to bet the keys are just sitting around inside of the bus. Think they check the visor like in the movies?

The case will be sent to the Juvenile D.A.'s office and they will decided if the child can be prosecuted. In the mean time, the parents have been charged on improper supervision.

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