During Mardi Gras this year, we unveiled the Luxury Limo Buddy Russ Bus. A 1996 School Bus that has been modified to be a parade float, party bus, and even a stage. The bus featured 7" vertical stacks as its exhaust. Now, that alone is pretty cool, but why not take it up a notch?

br bus 1

Off the bus goes to our friends at Verret Motorsports in Lake Charles to have a propane injection kit installed into the stacks. The bus now carries 30 pounds of propane (soon to be upgrade further), 2 igniters in the stacks, and a 5 gallon expansion bottle (soon to be upgraded for longer bursts). When ignited in its  "pre-light" stage, the flames are roughly a foot long. When you let the full burst loose, it suddenly sounds like a crawfish pot burner on steroids and shoots flames a few feet out of each stack.

Who's got the marshmallows?

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