Big storms came through Lake Charles early Sunday evening and South Lake Charles looks like it received the worst of it as a possible tornado touched down in the area.

Social media exploded yesterday evening with folks posting pictures and videos of the weather as it blew through the area.

We saw plenty of folks posting pictures of large hail in the Country Club road area but the videos we found posted were around the casino area in South Lake Charles. Such was the case around the Golden Nugget and L'Auberge casino area and the hotels that are nearby the resorts.

A Facebook page known as Kitty News At your Service posted a video of the damages left by the possible tornado that touched down by the Courtyard by Marriot hotel located at 2995 L'Auberge Boulevard in Lake Charles.

We can't confirm if a tornado did actually touchdown because were not weathermen but there were confirmed reports of 50 to 60 mph winds in the South Lake Charles area.

This video shot by the Facebook page shows the damage that the hotel received due to the storm and we wanted to show you what carnage that what left. Check this out.

That's crazy huh? No word if the hotel is closed at the moment but they for sure will have a lot of work to do repairing the damage.

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