We read about them on Facebook all of the time. Someone calls and says you've won money, your bill is past due, or your electricity is going to be turned off.

Over at Foret Flooring, they received a call from Jamaica saying they had won a lottery drawing. Instantly they went Facebook live to record the call. The caller states they have won $1200 and that the winner needs to rush to Wal-Mart immediately to receive the winnings. The winner then requests that the dollar amount be converted to pesos because "I am from Mexico". The caller then pauses to convert the winnings into pesos for the winner (such customer service), and then begins to give further instructions.

Finally, the instruction to go to Wal-Mart happens along with the request for a good phone number to call back to. The quick thinking winner rattles off a number. What was that number? None other than the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Number!

I am so in love with this video because of that quick thinking. I don't know if I would have even thought that fast on my feet. If anyone sees Tony, see if he will let his Buddy Russ hold a few dollars till the end of the month with is lottery winnings!

Thanks to my buddy Wayne Dixon for use of the video!

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