They was breaking news overnight here in Lake Charles. A locally owned Lake Charles restaurant caught fire overnight here in the city.

The Latin American restaurant is located at 2500 Kirkman Street in Lake Charles. The restaurant is called Area 337. The restaurant owner broke the news on Facebook to inform all of their customers about the fire.

The owner said,

My Friends,
It saddens me to say that Area 337 caught fire early this morning. We will be temporarily closed.
I wake up every day with a passion to serve you. This place is my first home. It’s our home. This morning I woke up to a call from the Lake Charles Fire Department. “Don’t tell me this.”, I told them when they gave me the news.
This is not the news I want to give you, but it is what’s happening now.
Soon we will reopen with even more passion to come back together as a family again.
Thank you for your support.

Our hearts go out to the owner Gus and his staff. It's hard enough to own your own business to have to have a setback like this. We are so happy to read that the owner Gus said they will be back better than ever.

When they do reopen, please support our local businesses especially this one who will need the support. We stand with all of our locally owned businesses in Southwest Louisiana.

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