We like our trails in this part of the world, don't we? There are golf trails, booze trails, flower trails, and now there is a fishing trail. It does seem to make a lot of sense if you're trying to promote the state or a region as a whole.

Obviously Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser believes it's better to promote a lot than just a little when it comes Louisiana fishing. You don't get the moniker Sportsman's Paradise without having great fishing and we've got it. Now, we've got a new way to promote it.

The Louisiana Bass Trail promotes seven lakes in eight state parks and the idea behind it is to encourage fishermen to not just fish in one spot. When your state has a reputation for record bass it's not a bad idea to try as many lakes as you can to land that lunker.

The trail also features a promotional incentive called a Bassport. As fishermen fish a different lake along the trail they earn a stamp. As they fill their Bassport up with those stamps they are eligible for prizes. Those who complete the entire trail can earn even more incentives.

To make tracking your visits along the Louisiana Bass Trail even easier there is a website and a smartphone app that allows you to keep up with your visits and your catches just by using your mobile devices.

The trail primarily is made up of lakes in the northern and central part of the state. There are plans to expand the number of state parks and lakes included on the trail but for now, there's plenty of fishing to be done.

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