Here is a feel-good story to start your day off. A Sulphur Louisiana family who appeared on the national syndicated game show Family Feud, plans to donate all their wings to charity.

Back in May of 2023, we reported that the Portie family from Sulphur, Louisiana got the chance to be on the widely popular game show. The family announced back in May on Facebook that they would be on the show and when the show would air. Did they win? Well of course they did. Here is how much they won. Check out this video of their appearance on the popular game show.

Wow, $20,000. What would you do if you and your family just won $20,000? Well, we just found out what the Portie Family is going to do with their winnings. The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana announced on Facebook that the family has decided to donate their winnings back to the community by creating a fund.

The Facebook post on The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana said,

The Portie family from Sulphur got a chance to win on Family Feud!
They’re donating all their winnings back to the community by creating a fund in memory of Melissa Breaux Padgett's father, T-Boy, and his love for sports.
Read about the T-Boy Breaux Fund:
How great is that! Here is the actual post they made on Facebook.

That is so great. We love when the community and in this case, a local Southwest Louisiana family, gives back to our community. Congrats to the Portie family and thank you for helping others with your good fortune.

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