Louisiana House Republicans have begun the process of advancing a bill that would give unemployed residents up to $1,000 to return to work.

The GOP lawmakers claim the federal government extending unemployment benefits has decreased the motivation for Louisiana residents to seek employment. This is making it hard for businesses across the state to find workers as they attempt to dig themselves out of pandemic debt and loses.

Rep. Mike Echols, representing Monroe, said:

The intent of this legislation is to get people back to work as quickly as possible. Our businesses are struggling in this state, and this is an incentive.

Echols went on to say the proposed bill is a motivational tool for residents to return to work. The payout would be a one-time payment. Louisiana residents who are unemployed and return to work for 10 to 20 hours a week will receive a $500 bonus. Residents who are unemployed who return to work for 30 or more hours a week will be eligible for $1,000. The payments will only be available to residents returning to work before July 1 who make under $75,000/year.

Louisiana residents who take the "back-to-work bonus" will give up their rights to file for unemployment for six months.

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