It's the song that can hype an entire crowd up and unify them all at once. The lyrics are 1000000% not safe for work and have been banned from being played during SEC games. The song is actually Talkin' Out the Side of Your Neck, and was recorded by Cameo.

The LSU band picked it up a few years back as one of their game songs during a trial period. They typically add a few songs a year to try out and see how the crowd reacts. After playing what we know now as Neck, LSU fans added in their own lyrics to the song as opposed to the typical ones. During the break down, the lyrics are Hey, you talking out the side of your neck. Hey, you're gonna get what's coming to you yet. LSU fans decided to insert their own colorful lyrics, and it gets a bit vulgar.

As LSU fans flocked to New Orleans over the weekend, I am sure it got played over and over again. The Alumni band evidently made its way to Bourbon Street and shut it all down when they cranked up and started playing it. With the magic of Facebook, we have different camera angles for you to enjoy.

Here is where we warn you that the words in the video are not safe for work or little ears!

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