There is a lot to see in Louisiana. One of the principle jobs our Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has is to make sure that the rest of the world knows that. Tourism is a vital part of the Louisiana economy. While it may seem like fun and games it's big business. Our state leaders know that and to make sure that we, the people of Louisiana, are aware of just how vital the industry is Lt. Governor Nungesser is taking a tour himself.

This is National Tourism Week. Yesterday Nungesser had scheduled stops in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and St. Francisville. Later in the week he will travel to north Louisiana to continue spreading the gospel  of tourism in our state.

Nungesser himself has been a tourist of sort. This past week he was visiting in Canada. A country that is responsible for a lot of visitors to Louisiana.

40% of our international visitors come from Canada. We have a great connection with the Canadians because of the French heritage, the zydeco and the Cajun music.

Last year our state hosted 29 million visitors. Nungesser explained to the Louisiana Radio Network just why tourism is even more important this year.

Especially with the oil industry down it’s going to be a real effort to repeat the numbers from last year. We’re already seeing a great slowdown in the hotel business in some of the hard hit parishes.

Lt. Governor Nungesser will be easy to spot in his travels across the state. He will be traveling in a specially marked van. A van that features the state's tourism campaign, Louisiana, Pick Your Passion, plastered all over it.