Do you prefer Luke Bryan with or without a ball cap? Here's what some of our Gator Facebook friends had to say on the matter.

Carrie Shindle I prefer Luke any way I can get him

Alex J Benoit I like him best when he's kinda silent

Jennifer Kreamer Ball cap backwards

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Chris Derrick He should stick to hunting and fishing shows

Monica Schexnider I have a feeling these comments may get ugly...

Kris St James Yeah, but I did ask

Tiffany Guidry Without so I can see his gorgeous eyes

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Vanessa Davis My mind must be in the gutter because I read "boxers or briefs"!

Lance Clifton I prefer Luke Bryan with a ball gag in his mouth.

Barbara Warren WOW! Some people are just rude!!

Lance Clifton Sorry Barbara. I prefer my country musicians to have talent instead of look pretty in tight jeans while they bounce around the stage to some bro country mess with a hiphop backbeat.

Barbara Warren Us Girls like that pretty boy in tight jeans shakin his hips and he does have talent his booty shakin didnt get him this far his voice did.

Rae Addison Lance have I told you lately your amazing!!! Your comments have made my day!



Bobby LaFleur I prefer Merle haggard


Thank you for all of the interesting feedback!