Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have an enviably strong bond and are one of the most-loved couples in country music. But there's no worries about fans getting sick from any too-sweet odes to each other—this is a pair that delights in goofing on each other, even when the occasion calls for a mushy compliment.

Case in point: Mother's Day (May 12) is always the day to brag on the mother of your children lavishly, right? Well, Bryan did do this, posting a note to Instagram wishing Caroline a happy Mother's Day and calling her "beautiful one."

He did, however, choose a wildly unflattering photo to accompany the sugary note, portraying Caroline with an extreme case of either bed-head or hair gel gone wrong (a la that famous/gross scene in Something About Mary).

Mrs. Bryan took it in stride, commenting, "Oh. My. God....Hahahaha."

It's not a surprise that either Bryan posted the photo or his wife found it amusing. The two are downright notorious for playing pranks on each other, posting rude photos, and generally not taking life too seriously.

The couple don't spare their loved ones from their fun and games, either. Bryan didn't just post a photo of his wife. He posted one of his mom, LeClaire, too:

Yes, that's his mama in the bathtub. Shared with the world. And we'll forgive LeClaire if she doesn't talk to her son for a few months as a result of this.

Father's Day is coming up next month, so Bryan better watch out for retaliation. In the meantime, Bryan will be busy with the season finale of American Idol on May 19, as well as getting ready for his Sunset Repeat Tour, which is set to launch on May 31 and feature Cole Swindell and Jon Langston as support acts.

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