Maplewood Burger was started as a small burger shop in Sulphur known as Maplewood Discount. It was a small gas station that didn't sell gas. However, it had snacks galore, then they started selling stuffed burgers. Stuffed with what? You name it, they do it. Mac and cheese, Philly cheese steak, boudin, shrimp, crawfish, the list goes on and on.


Recently, they decided to expand across the river. Not only did they come to Lake Charles, but the new location began opening up at 6:30am for breakfast. They took the "stuffing" idea to a whole new level with breakfast menu items by stuffing omelets with various things, as they do their burgers. Then, there was an idea that came about in their lab: a "hangover burger".


The hangover burger is a patty stuffed with hashbrowns and cheese, topped with two eggs, more cheese, their own Kickin Sauce, all sandwiched between a unique croissant burger bun. Heaven in your hand. Well, that was until our minds began to work together. "What about a Buddy Russ burger," I jokingly asked. Saay, the owner, smiled at me intriguingly.

What would it be?


Dear reader, I love the marriage of extreme salty and sweet. There's just something about it. Why not take that to the next level?

Introducing the Buddy Russ burger! It's a combo of the hangover burger, but topped with ghost pepper cheese and sandwiched between two honey buns! The best part is it's available now at Maplewood Burger in Lake Charles! Tell them Your Buddy Russ on Gator 99.5 sent you for a 20% discount on your entire order.


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