If you love some 90's country music, you're going to love this... Country Star Luke Combs and Shenandoah have come together to collaborate and release a classic tune!

Amy Sussman, Getty Images
Amy Sussman, Getty Images

Ever since Luke Combs busted onto the country music scene nearly ten years ago, Combs has been noted to have a very 90's country style both in his tone/voice which carries over to his music.

Of course, most of us know who Shenandoah is... Shenandoah is, of course, one of the most iconic bands of the ’90s with hits like “Two Dozen Roses,” “Church on Cumberland Road,” and “The Moon Over Georgia.”

Shenahdoah Instagram
Shenandoah Instagram

Well since the pandemic, Combs has been teasing different covers of different classic songs. One of which, he released. Recently, Combs took his cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" to #1 on the Country Radio chart... Now it looks like he may have something else up his sleeve with older music...

It seems that Luke and Shenandoah are bringing their ’90s country sound together in what is sure to be an epic collaboration.

Luke Combs and Shenandoah's lead singer, Marty Raybon, teased a photo from the studio earlier in the summer, and fans immediately speculated that a collaboration could be in the cards. Many predicted it would be a new version of ’Two Dozen Roses’, given the fact that Combs often performs the legendary track as part of his live setlist.

They would have been right! Earlier Last Week, Shenandoah announced that on September 22nd a new version of 'Two Dozen Roses' would be released and it would feature Luke Combs.

I, of course, am a HUGE Luke Combs and Shenandoah and 'Two Dozen Roses' is one of my favorite songs of all time...

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