On the heels of his recent smaller album release, The Prequel EP, Combs has been giving fans on social media and at his shows a taste of the new music he is working on. He started off small, just teasing the words, or maybe singing a few lines. Recently, he has been singing entire songs while he sits around writing and then posts them for the world to see.

I thought this was the most genius thing ever! I don't know of many artists who are trying to release an album but also tease entire songs as they are doing said album. It is pretty much one of the most anticipated albums to come out this year, and with Combs at the helm, it should not disappoint.

In 2017, he released This One's For You and that album is still sitting as the king of the hill for over forty-four weeks now. That lonely spot for that period of time was originally held by Randy Travis back in the late '80s.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

November 8, the album will be released and five days later Combs will appear on the CMA awards. He has had one heck of a year thus far with his Grand Ole Opry membership and getting engaged, not to mention the gobs of albums and tickets he has sold.

Will his sophomore album be just as good? Guess we will find out in November.

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