One of Lake Charles's favorite area restaurants was featured on the national news. Mama Reta's restaurant was featured on NBC"s Nightly news under the segment Good News.

Pricilla Thompson, an NBC news reporter, visited the popular Lake Charles eatery and featured the owner and the restaurant. She interviews Moma Reta in the piece and they take about everything from the food to Mama Reta's new location to coming back after hurricanes Laura and Delta in 2022.

Reta explains how her restaurant in downtown Lake Charles was destroyed after the storms and how she pivoted by moving her restaurant into her old childhood home. Rita Durgen, known as Mama Reta explains how she grew up in the house that is now her restaurant. She explains how she can't believe that she even has a drive-thru in her childhood home.


The story you will watch below, also explains how Reta left for a bit but returned to re-open her new restaurant and location earlier this year in north Lake Charles. it also explains in the story how much of the neighborhood where she is located is still really dark so Mama Reta leaves the lights on at her restaurant at night and calls it "The Lighthouse".

Mama Reta's was located in downtown Lake Charles but now she is located at 1916 Belden Street in Lake Charles, LA. The restaurant features great local home cooking with things like baked chicken, Gumbo's, and fried chicken just to name a few.

Check out this feature below. Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana are proud to have Mama Reta's back in our area and love seeing her doing good for our community.

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