Obviously, ready or not, Mardi Gras is just around the corner. The Mardi Gras balls around the area are picking up steam, and are happening almost every Friday and Saturday night. That being said, maybe you're a bit lacking in the "date" category for your festivities, or even need that bead throwing partner on your float. I figured, why not come up with some Mardi Gras themed pick-up lines to break the ice(ing) on the King Cake. See what I did there?

"I don't want your beads, but I will catch your number"

"I gave up being single for Lent, want to help me out?"

"Girl, I may not have a lot of money, but I do have 10 pounds of boiled Crawfish"

"Remember that year we fell in love during Mardi Gras? You will next year"

"Did you play music when the float turned onto Sale Road? Cause you've got fine written all over you"

"Is your name Friday? Cause you sure look good"

"Hey girl, are you a King Cake? Cause I'd like to put a baby in you"

Just remember, if you're going to find a date using any of these lines, expect your nose to bleed after they're delivered.

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