In a press conference this morning held at the Lake Charles lakefront, dignitaries and officials gathered to announce a new development to the lake front area. Something that most of us have been waiting on for many years. Yesterday evening, Lake Charles mayor, Nic Hunter took to Facebook teasing a "big announcement" happening that involved the area around the eye sore that is the lake front area.

design vision Crying Eagle 2

In the announcement, the new complex that is mean to be a catalyst to bring more and more development to the downtown Lake Charles area. the $20 million Port Wonder is already slated to be built, and will house a children's museum and science education complex. This new announcement of a new development will be placed next to the already planned complex.

Nic Hunter announced that the new addition has been a long time coming, and has taken lots of discussion. Hunter started his speech by drawing the attention over to the eye sore that is the Harrah's parking garage. The garage was the only thing left on the land after Hurricane Rita destroyed most of the Harrah's casino in 2005. He did make the claim that the structure will be revamped and restored and made available for visitors of the area to park.

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The big announcement? Crying Eagle Brewing, owned by the Avery family, will be building a family style restaurant right at the Lake Charles Lake Front. It will be family friendly and will also contain a microbrewery inside.


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