We all have a weakness for those delicious chicken bits, fried, and then dipped in a sauce of our choice. A 20-piece nugget, fries, and a drink is the way to some of our hearts. Now, you can make your way to multiple people's hearts, or to the ER for high cholesterol. McDonald's has announced a 48-piece chicken nugget bucket.

McDonald's Officially Unveils Its New Headquarters In Chicago
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It seems to be a promotion that started over in Japan along side a J-pop group called NGT48. Although the group has 25 members (what sort of pop group has that many members?) I'm assuming the 48 is for the group's name. Plus, 28 nuggets doesn't sound as good as 48.

If you want a bucket, you'll have to fly across the world to Niigata, Japan to get one. Make sure they throw in an extra BBQ sauce, and don't get your hopes up on their ice cream machine working.

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