Just like the McNeese Football Stadium, work is underway to rebuild Joe Miller Ballpark. The home of McNeese's baseball team also took a huge hit from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The stands were twisted, fences torn to pieces, and the entire field was all but ruined during the storms.

Now, the baseball team is showing off their progress as it is rebuilt to be even better than it was before. Joe Miller Ballpark, also known as The Jeaux, has seen 55 seasons of McNeese baseball and has witnessed over 1,300 victories through its existence on the campus. It has seen players leave its field to go on to be professional baseball players and has hosted many monumental games, like the time the Pokes beat LSU under Skip Bertman in 2000.

The turf is going back down as crews work like ants to get The Jeax up and running. The diamond is now shining and looking even better than before. You can see from the bird's eye view that the area still needs a lot of work, but the progress being shown is very promising.


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