Is the ultimate recycling operation one that has been going on for centuries? Many cultures believe in reincarnation. That's the thought that our internal spirit has inhabited many bodies and when we pass from this world our spirit will be inserted into another body for yet another adventure on Earth.

Personally I prefer the concept that I learned about in church. That idea is the most comforting for me.

For you it might be reincarnation or some other form of eternal redemption. Then again some people believe in the theory of worm food. It's your thought, your belief, go for it.

Just for fun the world wide web of mass confusion and time wasting has brought us the Reincarnation Machine. It does appear that this machine is not some sort of extraterrestrial connection to the spirit world. It looks more like typical internet time wasting and water cooler fodder.

Here's what you do. Click your little mouse on that link that says "Reincarnation Machine". Then enter your birth date. The machine matches you up with a famous individual who died about the time you were born. Who knows who you might have been?

I was an Israeli politician who was born in Germany. I was a lawyer and a pretty darn big deal in Israel back in the day. That's nice I suppose but I was kind of hoping I might have been Burt Reynolds but he hasn't died yet.