According to the website Deadline, there is a new biopic in the works about Merle Haggard. It is set to be directed by Robin Bissell and will be co-written by Haggard's widow, Theresa. Not only is it in the works, but Amazon Studios has officially obtained the rights to move forward with it.

The story will focus around Haggard in jail at San Quentin, where he spent three years. During those three years, he was in attendance as an inmate able to see the first show by Johnny Cash in the jail. A concert that, according to legend, inspired the Country music legend to change his life after seeing Cash. The story will dive into these changing times for Haggard, including his best efforts to hide his past on his rise to fame and his affair with his singing partner, Bonnie Owens, who he would eventually marry.

Sam Rockwell will be the one to play Haggard. Rockwell is no stranger to movies. His roles in Mr. Perfect, Seven Psychopaths, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and many other films make him pretty well suited to play almost anything, at this point. It has also been stated Rockwell will sing during his time in the movie. He will have some mighty big shoes to feel if he wants to try and sound even remotely close to The Hag in the movie. There is no word on a release date or when it will even begin filming. Rest assured, once it gets moving, we will be following along.

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