So I am stepping out of the studio and into a souped-up go-kart to race in the celebrity go-kart race as part of the Gator Grand Prix this Saturday May 12 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

So in one way I am super excited to get to drive fast around the Civic Center grounds.  But in another way, I hope I don't crash someone's expensive ride causing them not to be able to race Saturday in the real race.

In the picture you see above, I actually have been in a real Nascar race car going 165 mph around Texas Motor Speedway.  But truth be known, I was just the passenger and not the driver.  But it was still really cool.

Well the Gator Grand Prix is this Saturday at the Lake Charles Civic Center. The celebrity race will take place at 1:45 p.m. and I will be racing against the District Attorney John Derosier and also the Lake Charles City Mayor Nic Hunter along with a few other folks.

So I want to invite you all to come out and root me on to not crashing!  The event is FREE to get in!

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