Rumors have been running rampant about whether or not Miranda Lambert and her hubby Blake Shelton are ready to have a baby. But the idea of adding a human baby to her pack of adopted pups hasn't stopped the sassy country singer from helping stray animals find good homes.

Over the weekend, Lambert spent some time helping dogs get adopted by making a plea to her Twitter followers. On Sunday morning (May 26), the 'Mama's Broken Heart' hitmaker posted a photo of an adorable female mutt who was in need of a good home.

"No one claimed her so far. Any takers..? Best if she the only animal in the family. Loves to love! House broken," she tweeted.

About an hour later, Lambert had named the street-smart pup Sasha Fierce after Beyonce, explaining that, "She looks like she has made it through a lot in life." She asked once again for her followers to help her find a good home for the friendly-looking stray.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for the superstar's hard work to pay off. Just a few hours later, she posted a photo of Sasha Fierce with her new owners -- two young women and a couple of happy kids.

It's no secret that this country star has a deep compassion for stray animals. Lambert has adopted several homeless pets, and she continues to advocate for stray pups by running her own animal rescue organization. As if that isn't sweet enough, Lambert has pitched in to help house animals that were displaced by the devastating tornadoes that tore apart Moore, Okla.

Lambert wears herself thin in order to help so many dogs find a place to sleep at night -- and now there's another one to add to her list of success stories!

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