Most bizarre thing I ever saw in someone's yard was in Lake Charles a number of years ago. The homeowner really knew how to get into the Christmas spirit. Oh, I'll explain!

Are you one of many who enjoy driving around Southwest Louisiana looking at the Christmas lights? Yeah, me too! But there was this one house that was the talk of the town. The guy had "mating reindeer". Yup! What was worse, he had Santa watching.

Sick puppy!

Can you top mine?

Bill... A marajana tree not really but we call it that cause leaves look like the plant.

Heather... When the people were here they had with a broke down car in the yard.

Andrea... My neighbor has chickens and ducks. I live in orlando. Not rural!

Lynn... I wouldn't know where to start too much to type!

Brandy...He has a 300,000 house and covers every window with tarps or sheets and no he doesn't grow anything.

Michelle... Robinson They have a garden with like a homemade shelter made of branches and leaves all over it. It looks like a shelter made on naked and afraid.

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