So this morning, I spoke about this on the show. Last Friday night, I was emceeing the Iowa Rabbit Festival at the Burton Coliseum when something interesting happened.

While backstage, I noticed two ladies waving me downout of the corner of my eye.  I took a double take and asked, "Me?"

They nodded and waved me over.

I walked over to the barricades to speak with them. The lady said, "Hi, Mike! I listen to you on the radio, and we are Facebook friends. I have something you may want."

Mike And His Dad Dave Soileau

I was like, oh yeah? She then handed me my dad's driver's license. I was in total shock, and it actually took the breath out of me for a minute. My dad and I weren't just father and son, we were best friends who talked two to three times every day. He passed away in September of 2007.

I asked her, "Where did you find this?"

She said she was walking down the street when she noticed something laying on the side of the road by the ditch. She picked it up and noticed it had the name Soileau on it, and said she immediately knew who he was: my dad.

She went on to tell me she found it a while back and had been trying to track me down to give it back to me. I gave her this biggest hug and said thank you at least 20 times, I think.

Dave Soileau ID

Then, I started looking at it. The driver's license is from 2007! I looked at the issue date and noticed that he had renewed it around his birthday on August 6th, 2007. It had his new address on it. What is crazy is that he died just a month and a half later on September 21st, 2007.

This was his last driver's license, which had been missing for almost 11 years - and, somehow, it found itself back to me. Wow! The hair is standing up on my arms right now.  I knew my dad was looking down on me, but now I am certain he is watching over me and looking out for me every day!

Mike and Dave Soileau Circa 1992

I am forever grateful to the nice lady who returned this cherished keepsake back to me.

Thank you!