Neal McCoy's bus has been destroyed in a fire that swept the vehicle early Saturday morning (Feb. 8) in Louisiana.

The "Wink" singer captured the fire on Facebook Live, sharing the devastating event with fans as his and his band members' longtime home away from home was consumed by flames. The country singer's bus, which was nicknamed "Old Glory," caught fire in Mansfield, La., while he was en route to a show he has scheduled for Saturday in Alexandria. The bus caught fire shortly after 6AM.

"Physically, we are good. But that is the bus that has taken us a million miles, and it is ugly,” McCoy laments in the video above as Old Gory burns. He revealed that the bus had been his road home for more than a decade. McCoy and his crew all escaped injury, but a subsequent post around 8AM showed that the bus was a complete loss. His trailer and some of his equipment may have survived intact, he adds, saying the scheduled show at Alexandria's Rapides Parish Coliseum "will go on."

"So now we’re scrambling, trying to get rides to Alexandria, trying to get clothes," he states.

History of Country Music's Bus Fires

Authorities are investigating the cause of the bus fire. Despite the devastating turn of events, McCoy kept to his daily tradition of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance online, asking first responders who were on the scene to join him in the solemn task.

McCoy launched his career with the release of his debut album, At This Moment, in 1990. His hits over the years include "No Doubt About It," "For a Change," "They're Playin' Our Song," "The Shake" and more.

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