Adding to the list of "Louisiana has a festival for everything," the Louisiana Cannabis Coalition has announced a new festival centered around cannabis. In the past, the coalition has celebrated 4/20 with just a simple second line jazz funeral. Last year, they decided the funeral second line was too depressing, so they ramped it up into an entire festival.

This year, they announced on Twitter that they will indeed have the second annual festival. It is called the 5o420 Festival. Although the name involves it, cannabis is still illegal in the state of Louisiana and will not be sold. It will feature guest speakers, food vendors, and non-profit groups set up in the area.

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Getty Images

Tickets for general admission are free, but they are selling VIP tickets which get you private bathrooms, free food, free non-alcoholic beverages, phone charging stations, and a cooled off area to sit in. If that is more your style, VIP tickets are only $25.00.

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