In the wake of a failed marriage there are many questions. While, "what should I do with my wedding band?" probably isn't atop the "post matrimony to-do list", it's still a loaded question. Recent divorcee Rebecca Gibbs, an uber-creative New Zealander faced with that very question, decided to take matters into her own hands and launch the symbol of her failed marriage into space.

The launch of a small rocket containing the ring took place last week, and has been hailed by Gibbs as being, "uplifting, liberating, and a positive step" in her post-married life. And who could blame her, setting off a rocket sounds like a ton of fun!

Gibbs says she got the idea from her new partner's rocket scientist brother, who thought it might be a tad more fun than giving the bauble away, as she had done with her wedding dress and other physical tokens of the union. The video was posted on her Facebook page, but she has since taken it down. We wish this fierce single lady all the best.

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