Attention 90's kids! Double Dare is back this summer, and it's prepared to make you drink Surge and eat Butterfingers for breakfast!

It's time to teach these kids what its like to catch a pie in oversized pants, pick a giant nose, slide down green oozie stuff, and get slimed!

In a 10 year "battle" old host, Marc Summers, persistently contacted Nickelodeon to bring the kids game show back. Seems like finally they listened to him.

Double Dare presented by Mtn Dew Kickstart at Comedy Central presents Clusterfest
Getty Images for Mountain Dew

The show that offered "8 different obstacles and 8 fabulous prizes" not only provided teams of teens to learn to work together, it gave the viewers the opportunity to learn along the way with the academic questions that were asked.

Grab the Cookie Crisps and turn on the TV, don't sit too close. Its Double Dare time!


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