So are we just running out of movie ideas now? We have surpassed doing reboots and prequels and just started on single-named movies. The new movie Cage is starring in is called Pig. Just stay with me on this. Cage plays a recluse in the woods who spends his days foraging for truffles with his prize pig. The pig is stolen, pig-napped, and Cage must go on a journey to find who stole his pig.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, it does feel a lot like John Wick, but replace the dog with a pig. The trailer of the movie is well put together, and we quickly realize it doesn't seem to be as action packed as John Wick or any other type of Cage movie we might be used to. The trailer seems to take us on a journey as the recluse Cage ventures back into the big city he left a long time ago. We see the world we live in through his character's eyes as he searches for his special pig.

Pig hits theaters on July 16. I have to be honest, I will probably be checking it out, out of extreme curiosity.

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