Today is the end of Summer for all kids in the Southwest Louisiana.  Last week Jeff Davis and Allen parish schools started late last week.

Today Calcasieu, Cameron, And Beauregard parish schools starts today!  That means all schools are now in session and there are a few things we want to remind you about when heading out today.

First, please observe all school zones and watch your speeds.  In the Lake Charles area, there are several schools located on some main roads with heavy traffic.

Some that come to mind are like Barbe High School, F.K. White and S.J Welsh Middle schools all located on McNeese Street in Lake Charles.  Plus Prien Lake elementary on Nelson road.

These two streets alone always have heavy traffic so observe all school zones and watch your speeds in these areas not only in the morning but also in the afternoons when school let's out.

Also remember when you see a school bus stopping, YOU must stop!  It doesn't matter if the road you on is a double lane each way, you must stop.

We want to wish all the kiddo's, teachers and parents and care givers a happy first day of school and we wish you a great year!

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