Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and for a lot of South Louisiana residents that means fun on the water. That also means an increased risk for danger on the water as well. That is why officers with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are currently conducting Operation Dry Water.

The ironic name of the operation has a very serious meaning behind it. Part of the planned patrols is to ensure that persons operating watercraft on Louisiana waterways are doing so sober.

The other aspects of Operation Dry Water include verification of proper watercraft inspection and verification of proper safety equipment and devices on board. This includes personal flotation devices for every person on board.

While LDWF agents are pursuing safer waterways through exercises such as Operation Dry Water they suggest the first step to safer boating practices begins with you and me and a boater safety education course.

These courses can truly be lifesavers and although some boaters might be exempt from taking such a course, it's not a bad idea to take the class anyway. Even if you're familiar with all the material covered in the courses it never hurts to refresh your knowledge.

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