The old man was a grumpy staple to the reality show "Pawn Stars". Born in Virginia in 1941, he was no stranger to work. He drove a school bus at 14 making $5 a week doing so. At 17, he met his wife at a barn dance. Before being married, he stole a car and was arrested. The judge gave him 2 choices. Go to jail, or go in the navy. Harrison chose the army. His wife gave birth to their first daughter, she was born with Down Syndrome. Harrison re-enlisted in the Navy for the medical benefits to help with his daughter's medical bills. Harrison ended up staying in the Army for 20 years while building his family.

In 1981, the Harrison's moved to Vegas and started a business. With his son Rick, the old man opened at 300 square foot pawn shop. Later on, the pawn duo would open a larger store on the strip and turn it into a multi-million dollar company with the TV show and various other endorsements.

Harrison was diagnosed with Parkinson's and it became a losing battle as he became thinner and thinner on the show, with less and less appearances.

American Country Awards 2011 - Arrivals
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