A year or so ago, PETA got involved in an accident that happened in Lake Charles on I-10 near the curve just before the Ryan Street Exit. They wanted to place billboards in the area saying how it was a death trap for the cattle. Now, we are moving over to chickens. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is now requesting charges to be issued by the Dodge County Attorney's Office relating to an incident that occurred back in June involving a chicken truck.

This report shows that a thousand birds, each one an individual capable of feeling pain and fear, died in terror and agony in the flames that engulfed a truck at this facility and that the necks of those who survived were cruelly snapped, or else the animals were gassed to death...Peta urges anyone who still eats chickens to spare a thought for the suffering of these gently birds and go vegan - PETA Vice President Daniel Paden

The incident allegedly happened in Fremont, Nebraska at the Lincoln Premium Poultry facility. Various new outlets picked up the story in the area and received documents from the United States Department of Agriculture. PETA released their story that the rear wheels of the truck "exploded" into a fiery inferno. The poultry company said the reason for the fire was overheated brakes. According to PETA, an inside person at Lincoln Poultry believes that the driver might have left the "emergency" brake on causing the fire.

The truck in question was transporting somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000 chickens when it left the facility. According to PETA, 1000 chickens died due to the fire and 1500 other feathered friends suffered injuries. The fire itself was reported to have been burning for almost an hour before it was extinguished. PETA also stated that "survivors" of the accident suffered broken necks at the hands of the plant workers and more were gassed to end their life. The USDA released a report about the incident saying that the poultry company handled the accident accordingly and responsibly.

fried chicken

No formal charges have been placed by the Attorney's office in Nebraska, and there have been no ads recently in the area for extra crispy chicken, either.

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