If you play or watch golf on television, you will know the name Michael Block. Block became an overnight sensation on the PGA Tour and online after his terrific performance during the 2023 PGA Championship.

Before Michael Block was vaulted onto the national stage, he worked as a club professional at a country club in Southern California. Yes, he was a member of the PGA but wasn't a touring professional at the time. Michael Block's life changed in May of 2023 when he qualified to play in the PGA Championship at the Oak Hill Country Club in Pittsburgh at the age of 46.

During the tournament, Block made the only hole-in-one of the tournament during his final round while playing with Rory McElroy. He finished the tournament in a tie for 15th place which made his performance one of the highest finishes for a club pro in decades. Finishing inside the top 15 also gave Block an automatic invitation to the 2024 PGA Championship.

Here is that iconic short of him making the hole-in-one right in front of one of the world's best players Rory McElroy.

If you play golf, you know that is not easy to do, make a hole-in-one. Some people play their whole life and never get a hole-in-one.

If you are looking to get the ultimate gift for the golfer in your family, we have a cool experience they can enjoy right here in Southwest Louisiana. They can play in a golf tournament at The National Golf Course in Westlake, Louisiana, and meet Michael Block too.

The National posted all the info on its Facebook page. Check this out.


As you can see, the event takes place on New Year's Eve in Westlake, Louisiana. So register today and go out and enjoy a cool event and have a great time.

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