Lake Charles Police say approximately $115,500 in narcotics was seized from a Lake Charles home earlier this month.

On June 8, detectives were conducting a narcotics investigation that led them to a residence on Tom Hebert Road. Detectives apprehended a suspect at the home and, with probable cause established, they obtained a search warrant.

Major Kevin Kirkum, Lake Charles Police spokesman, said detectives found approximately 53 pounds of high-grade marijuana, 171 pounds of THC edibles, 3.91 pounds of THC wax and oil, one money counter, 17 firearms, and a large amount of various caliber ammunition.

Casey Dean Soldier, 24, and Sidney Harper, 22, both of Lake Charles were arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center. Harper’s bond was set at $490,500 and Soldier’s bond was set at $490,500.

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