I am a huge fan of going to garage sales and flea markets. The haggling, the treasure hunting, the...buying of things I didn't know I needed (like a 4 foot tall red knight that I currently own).

Today was pay day. That means I decided to treat myself during lunch. I ran to Cotton's Downtown, grabbed lunch (donut burger), and headed back to work. The parking lot took me in front of a little antique store that I haven't been in for quite some time. Fun fact, before it was the store, I would frequent it when it was "Millennium Teen Club". God, I'm old.

So I pop in, telling myself "No More than 20 bucks". It always amazes me what people will sell, and buy for that matter.


Sometimes, you just need to feel like you are pretty, and need to dance. To a marching band. Look no further, be a majorette in your very own home.


Back in the early 90s, late 80s, Chia Pets were a thing. Slather on some seed goop, water, and enjoy. With that craze came the Chia Heads. Don't have a green thumb? Little older and going bald? Then boy do we have a deal for you. A balding Chia Head


Looking for that next great Easter hat? Need something to wear to a wedding? Perhaps you want to show that you're fancy, yet contained. This could be your next hat then. Velvet material with real fake ostrich feathers, you're sure to be the talk of the next Bingo Night.


Loved Joanie, but hated Chachi? No problem, the person that owned the set hated Joanie apparently. Have drinks with Joanie any time you want. Bonus, I miss A&W Root beer floats.


Hey Bucs, class of 95. Your parents paid WAY more out of that Balfour magazine than 14 dollars for a beer stein mug. I never understood why they told us to be alcohol free, yet sell us a vessel invented to hold booze.


Wanted to go visit the Grand Canyon but you're too lazy to actually go? Got you covered. Display this decorative platter anywhere around your home. In case of a guest trying to call you out, when they ask "Did you really go to the Grand Canyon?" Your reply should always be, "That's what the plate says doesn't it?". You never lied, but you never admitted either.


Welcome to the South. Screw your lucky rabbits foot. We take it to the next level. We grab a lucky deer (foot? paw? hoof?), and slap a knife on the other end!


Last but not least. Do you know why freedom doesn't knock? That's because freedom RINGS! Call up America any time you want with this AMAZING phone, that almost came home with me, and still might. (I see you looking at my phone Jesus, avert thine eyes).


After all of the possibilities of purchases, I did land on a deal. Made in 1986 IN SULPHUR, these 2 hand carved and hand painted pieces will hang on my wall proudly. I love collecting Louisiana, Lake Charles, and American themed items. It hit home all the way through.


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